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End-point Assessment customised for you

EPA Admin

Pearltech UK has developed a highly configurable end-to-end management system for End-Point Assessment Organisations to manage their assessment caseloads, whilst providing a range of customisable user interfaces for the Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation’s customers.

Features and benefits

  • Digital efficiency - PEARL allows scheduling of video conferencing sessions with learners.
  • The system is built in a way that allows it to map directly to the business rules adopted by the AAO, and gives permissions, set by the ‘Super Administrator’ user, to each user type.
  • Responsive user interface allows access from multiple device types.
  • Highly secure customisable user interfaces for all users, allowing personalised views.
  • Dashboard user interfaces, using ‘widgets’, show activity such as outstanding actions, caseloads etc.
  • 24/7 access.
  • Allows Apprentices to build ‘Employment Profiles’ and access short courses to help them build their employability skills.
  • ‘Connections’ allows users to communicate with each other as they progress through their journey.
  • Effective administration system allowing scheduling of assessment elements, caseload management, demand forecasting, invoicing, assessment centre management, APIs into external testing systems (MCQs), contract creation and management, and automated email creation through our unique email manager function, based on the AAO’s business rules.
  • Ability for all user types to upload evidence, pre-gateway to monitor readiness for end point assessment, with ability to digitally deliver ‘certificates of progress’.
  • Document repositories to give different user types access to support materials relevant to them, as well as giving access to core documentation across all user types (QADs). Allows Apprentices to download and submit preparation for EPA materials (sample tests etc.)
  • Ability to deliver ‘added value’ content, in support of additional learning, giving access to a wide range of CPD materials to assessors, also allowing them to record evidence of their CPD against their user profile.
  • Full on-site, and remote on-boarding and training package included in licence fees.
  • Highly competitive pricing model built around customer requirements.

Enquiry Form

Interested? Please contact Mandy Dowson, Business Development Manager on 07717 306301 or mandy.dowson@pearlassess.co.uk