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Apprenticeship Products

Cutting edge technology and our expertise can give you a head start in setting up your apprenticeship business.

Apprenticeship Products


Our experienced and knowledgeable staff advise on setting up apprenticeships within your company whether you are a training provider, a levy-paying employer or a small business.

Interested? Just get in touch through our enquiry form or call 0121 794 2417.

Apprenticeship Pro

Apprenticeship Pro is the system we create for you. You can access your secure area using a standard internet browser, so it can work wherever you have WiFi. Apprenticeship Pro includes:

  • Training content and materials.
  • E-portfolio mapping and secure storage of work.
  • 20% off the job content, resources and digital recording documents.
  • EPA guidance and practice materials
  • Stimulus materials to meet specific assessment requirements.
  • Sample assessments/ grading criteria.

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End-point Assessment?

For End-point Assessment (EPA) Organisations we offer a fully customisable, secure on-line system that manages your EPA business from Gateway to Certification.

If you are interested in our EPA Admin System and/or details of how Pearl Assess can support the development of your EPA offer, please contact us.

RQF Qualifications

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Coming soon

Interested? Please contact Mandy Dowson, Business Development Manager on 07717 306301 or mandy.dowson@pearlassess.co.uk