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About Pearl Assess

Cutting edge technology and our expertise can give you a head start in setting up your apprenticeship business.

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Pearl Assess provides an end-to-end apprenticeship standards delivery and assessment solution in a variety of sectors through consultancy, Apprenticeship Pro and our EPA Admin System which enables set up of your business in the shortest time possible.

We can also offer a bespoke development service through our awarding partners to meet your regulated or unregulated qualification needs.

Where do you start?

A diagnostic consultancy can identify the areas in your organisation that could use additional support, to optimise your existing resources. Use our enquiry form to get started.

What kind of technology?

Underpinning our systems is PEARL technology that supports every organisation in a slightly different way, we customise it for you. The technology itself is modular, flexible and scalable. It's used in large training organisations, and other educational institutions across England to deliver courses and track and monitor learner journeys, amongst other capabilities.

Our Apprenticeship Pro system combines the modules you need that enable you to manage the delivery of specified standards training. Embedded within Apprenticeship Pro is all you need to get your training business going. We integrate our technology with your way of working.

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End-point Assessment?

For End-point Assessment (EPA) Organisations we offer a fully customisable, secure on-line system that manages your EPA business from Gateway to Certification.

If you are interested in our EPA Admin System and/or details of how Pearl Assess can support the development of your EPA offer, please contact us.

Interested? Please contact Mandy Dowson, Business Development Manager on 07717 306301 or mandy.dowson@pearlassess.co.uk